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Hi there 👋I'm Emily, a native Appalachian, longtime single parent, former restaurant owner and writer. I've spent over 15 years in the public sector and the past four in tech startups, working on everything from ops to no-code to education and research. I'm currently open to contract consulting on a limited basis.I look forward to meeting you, if you find something that resonates - you can see all my work here.

For almost 18 years, Carolina Creators and a team of amazing humans have provided services to bootstrapped businesses, startups, and the public sector. See our past projects, testimonials, and availability here!

On my personal writing site, Emily Adair, you'll find all my book projects as well as my latest essays. I blog about everything from designing your life to increasing creativity and from policy to parenting. (You can also access this content on Medium.)

in development
one woman army is a personal passion project. I've owned and managed so many business over the years - and screwed up so many times! I'm in the process of collecting those lessons, for free, in one place - so other female solopreneurs can learn from my mistakes.

in development
I owned a farm-to-table restaurant, worked for Cooperative Extension and regional food banks, and taught ag development classes for a decade. DWSS is being built to offer free classes, resources, and templates for aspiring farmers and food business owners, because the world needs more of you in it!

goodtech has closed.
goodtech was a self-built community of curious and caring humans working on startups in the public space. archives are available at goodtech.substack.com.

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